- newsletter archive | 2020-01-31 -

hello! welcome to the first instalment of the nice email newsletter for 2020. in this edition you'll find some facts about snails, a song recommendation and a photo of some bougainvillea flowers i saw while i was out for a walk


facts about snails:

- there are thousands of different species of snails
- snails live in many different environments, even underwater
- some species of snail have lungs, but others have gills
- most species of snail reproduce by laying eggs
- snails don't shed their shells; they are born with a shell and it grows with them as they mature
- land snails move at about half an inch per second


my song recommendation this month is 'stacks' by miss eaves. this song is so catchy and silly and fun (like a lot of eaves' work!) and it's been stuck in my head all day



a branch of bougainvillea vine, covered in pink and red flowers


as ever, thank you so much for joining me in this newsletter. i started sending it all the way back in january last year, and keeping this project up and running for a whole year is such a big milestone. a question for you this month: what is your favourite type of flower?


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