- newsletter archive | 2019-12-31 -

hello again! it's the very last day of the month (and the year!), so here i am with a new edition of the nice email newsletter. this is the eleventh edition, and in it you'll find a music recommendation and a photo of a sunset


this month i'd like to share fragment, a four track ep of piano music by ever so blue. this ep is so beautiful and soothing, i hope it can bring you a moment of peace when you listen to it



a photo of the sky at sunset. the sky is very dark blue at the top, fading to purple in the middle and yellow at the bottom. in the foreground is a power pole, silhouetted against the sky


thank you so much for joining me in this newsletter through the year - it means a lot that you're interested in the things i want to share. i always, always, always love to hear from you, so if there's anything you want to share with me (your favourite recipe, or a music recommendation, or a photo, or anything else you like!) please reply to this email.


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