- newsletter archive | 2019-09-30 -

how have you been? it's the end of september, which means it's time for another newsletter. for the ninth edition i've got a music recommendation and some facts about postage stamps.


this month i want to share ピアノを弾きました。(i played the piano) by MiHiRO on soundcloud. this is a really beautiful piano piece that i've loved since i first heard it a couple of years ago.



facts about postage stamps:

- the first adhesive postage stamps (as opposed to older ink postage stamps) were issued in the united kingdom on may 1st, 1840 as part of broader postage reforms
- the reforms also simplified how postage was calculated. prior to 1840 the cost to send letters by post was calculated per item, based in part by how far the letter had to travel. after the reforms all letters were charged at a flat rate, regardless of distance
- brazil issued their first adhesive stamp, the bull's eye, in 1843
- by the 1860s most countries had adopted adhesive stamps as proof of payment for postage
- the first postage stamps were printed on large sheets and cut with scissors, giving the stamps straight edges. perforated sheets of stamps, which allowed individual stamps to be torn off the sheet as required and give stamps their distinctive inverted scallop edges, were first developed in the 1850s


and that's it for another month. i always love to hear from readers, so please do reply if you have any thoughts or questions. how often do you send letters? do you prefer emails or physical mail?


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