- newsletter archive | 2019-06-30 -

hello friends! welcome to the june edition of lenny and friend's nice email newsletter. this is the sixth edition of the newsletter, which means it's our half birthday! we're celebrating with a gif of my cat and a song recommendation 🍰


an animated gif of a cat being gently scratched on the top of the head


the song recommendation i have this month is a special one: we've never met but, can we have a coffee or something by in love with a ghost. it's a little bit more of a personal story than i usually share, but hearing this song three years ago was what inspired me to actually start making my own music and because of that this song will always have a really important place in my heart



and that's all the things i have for you this month! i always welcome replies to this newsletter. is there a song that is especially important to you? why?


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