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hello! thank you for subscribing to lenny and friend's nice email newsletter. in this, the fourth edition, you will find some facts about lighthouses, a song that i like and some photos of the vegetables growing in my garden.


facts about lighthouses:

- the earliest lighthouses were fires built on hilltops, to help mark the entries to ports and harbours
- people started building raised platforms for these signal fires, to increase their height and visibility. these platforms eventually became the tall structures we associate with lighthouses today
- the tower of hercules, on the coast of spain, is one of the oldest lighthouses still in use. it was built in the 2nd century!
- as well as being used to mark hazards at sea and entries to harbours, lighthouses can also be used to help with aerial navigation
- most modern lighhouses use electric lights that run on solar power
- while modern navigational tools have reduced the need for lighhouses, many lighthouses are being preserved for their historic and architectural value


the song i would like to share this month is 'cream and sugar' by louie zong. it's so bubbly and sweet and listening to it warms me up inside.



a little capsicum that is ready to be picked

above: a little capsicum that is ready to be picked
below: some tomato flowers and one tiny tomato

some tomato flowers and one tiny tomato


and there we have it, dear reader. as always, please do reply to this email if you have any questions or thoughts. do you like to garden? what are you growing? how do you take your tea?


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