hi, i'm lenny

i make games about checking the mail and baking cakes and the colour pink and stuff | she/her


- recent work -

photo of 'bitsy pahmplet'

bitsy pamphlet

is a very small guide to getting started with bitsy

download from itch.io

screen shot from 'a month to look at the moon'

a month to look at the moon 🌕

is a small bitsy game made for a space bunny themed game jam
it's about looking at the moon and getting emails from your sweetheart

(<5 minutes, keyboard input, audio)

play free in browser on itch.io
album art for 'how are you?'

how are you?

is a six track mini album about the weather and checking in (with your friends and with yourself)

pay what you want on bandcamp


- tools -

i'm making games with bitsy game maker and puzzlescript

i'm making music with lmms, famitracker and beepbox

all of these tools are free, and most are browser based - go make something!


- contact -

if you want to know more about any of my work, or talk about accessible creative tools in general please get in touch.

lennymaybe [at] gmail [dot] com

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